Food isn’t my favourite anymore:O!

As i grew up all I could think of was food, food and more food! However, the more favouritism food had, the bigger and bigger I became.  That was it, I had to do something about it. 

Excellent progress, professional training and endless encouragement later, I was the thinnest I’d ever been.

Having noticed how much weight i was putting on, I was desperate to loose it. When I bumped into an old friend she mentioned that she was part of a company called Unique Personal Fitness Training and said that they could help me loose the fat almost immediately. After typing into Google ‘Personal trainer Birmingham‘ I was able to find the company and read more about it in order to find out whether this was true.

Shortly after reading about it I knew this was the place for me. I rang the company, requested a personal trainer and told them what my goal was.They offered me an outstanding 6 week course and said that by the end of it I would be able to fit into clothes two dress sizes smaller. It was true. It was extremely hard work but it was more than worth it! The trainers themselves were very professional, understanding and supportive.

Give the company a try, they wont let you down.

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Who doesn’t love sweets?


Who doesn’t love sweets?

No matter who you are and where you are from. There will always be that one sweet that you love.

We all know that everyone has a personal favourite and this is what this post is all about!

Sweets have been around for centuries. They are the little colourful things that make us smile when we were kids and still have the same impact as we grow older. What is it about these small sugary snacks that make
us happy? Who knows… What we do know is that the sweets that usually please us the most are the ones that we remember as a child.

Retro Sweets!

Retro sweets are without a doubt the best. These are the sweets that we remember when we were children I have pictured a few of them below.

Old Chocolate Bars from the 70s.jpg.opt500x360o0,0s500x360

You can order retro sweets online by clicking this link.

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Sweet Shops are Now Online!

Do you love eating sweets?

Well if you do, I have great news for you! You can now buy sweets online form the comfort of your own home. You do not need to worry about taking a trip to the shops when the weather is harsh. You can now view a wider range of sweets with ease.

What is great about the internet is that you can now purchase a range of sweets from UK favourites to American and global favourites all delivered to your home. You can even find retro sweets online too.

I am personally a big fan of sweets and I will admit that I have a sweet tooth with the use of the internet I can get access to classics such as Reeses Pieces and Mike and Ikes. Looking for an online sweets shop? Click here.

14611a SONY DSC

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Old But Gold!

Don’t you just love old fashioned sweets?

For me, nothing quite beats the old fashioned sweets.


Why? Because they taste so great! I was a real fan of the traditional sweets that use to be around in my day and age and that was a good 15 years ago.

What I loved about them was the flavour and colours. Luckily for me though is that those sweets are still available, although they can be pretty rare to find they are still around. I like to purchase them online because I am able to have access to all them and not just that they get delivered to my door! much different from when I was a kid.

I remember wrapping up in my thickest coat hat and scarfs the lot just so I could go 1 foot snow to purchase my favourite sweets. Now I can do it all online! Click here to view old fashioned sweets online.


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We love food and so do our viewers!

Look at this amazing image created by one of our viewers



This image is very creative and inspirational too.

If there is a certain subject related to food you will like for us to cover, then please feel free to contact us and let us know!

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Welcome To Our Site

Hi and welcome to our brand new site!

The reason behind us creating a new website is because we believe that time is change, and it has been a long time so we decided to change to a new and improved modern designed website to replace the older outdated one.

You may already be aware that this website isn’t yet complete but it is a working progress and we feel like it is enough for the time being so you don’t miss out on our content.

To start off our website lets talk about something we can all say we enjoy, or at least when we were kids!..


Yes, we can all agree that sweets always put a smile on our faces when we were kids. I use to love the way sweets looked when I was younger, hand made, colourful and made with love. Sweets in todays society are mass made by machinery and wrapped in printed plastic wrapping all by machinery and it feels like they have lost a part of what made them great. Retro sweets were my favourite and millions of companies do not make them like they use to but it is understandable. Mass producing sweets is more efficient and more profitable but I do miss the old times. sweet4

Luckily though, there is a store that I know of that still follows the traditional method of producing these sweets and thats with love and passion. They are called. “The Online Sweet Company” their sweets remind me of my childhood and the taste is undeniably great! Click here to visit the retro sweets store online.

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